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Introducing Birdie Brown Plain Hooch, an unaged whiskey gracefully distilled with care in small batches from oats, wheat and barley just like Birdie used to make during Prohibition. Distilled in her homesteading state of Montana, our Plain Hooch honors not only Birdie, but all African Americans in distilled spirits history.


In the early 1900’s an African American woman from Missouri, Birdie Brown, homesteaded by Brickyard Creek in Montana along with only her beloved cat. While prohibition gripped the nation, Birdie gained quick notoriety for her home-distilled hooch made from homegrown grains. Her hooch was known for not only being safe, a concern of the era, but for its exceptionally smooth sipping.

Birdie was a strong, independent woman and one of the few African American female homesteaders in the country. She tragically passed in 1933, but her cabin and her legacy still stand today. Passerby even say every so often they catch a glimpse of a black cat perched in the parlor window. We are proud to share Birdie’s story of adventure, fortitude, and entrepreneurship which has until now resided in a forgotten place in distilled spirits history. We raise a glass to Birdie!

  1. Homestead act passed by Lincoln

  2. Birdie settled in the Lewiston area

  3. Birdie Homesteaded on 160 acres on Brickyard Creek

  4. Prohibition Begins

  5. Birdie died May 1933 - Prohibition Ends Dec 1933

A simple recipe made to taste.

Based on our research of the ingredients and distillation methods available to her during that time, we’ve recreated her recipe which was originally distilled on her homestead and sold in her legendary parlor.

The Step-by-step Process

01. We start with the best wheat, oats and barley Montana has to offer.

02. The water is heated and the grains are added.

03. At just the right temperature yeast is added and the mash is fermented.

04. The fermented mash is distilled and we collect only the best tasting fraction (heads and tails are discarded).

05. Bottle so the world can enjoy Birdie Brown Plain Hooch!


  • Wheat

    We use wheat grown on a family farm in Montana, just as Birdie would have. The wheat delivers a balanced flavor and adds a gentle sweetness for easy sipping.

  • Oats

    In homesteading years, oats were often used in distilling because other grains were scarce and harder to to grow. Our oats lend a creamy, nutty taste and smooth texture that we believe would make Birdie proud.

  • Barley

    The mildness of our barley adds a complexity to the hooch without overpowering the other flavors.

Cocktail Recipes

While Birdie Brown Plain Hooch is known for being a smooth, sippable spirit, we've crafted a few cocktail recipes that are perfect with it.

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